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This year 350 bright, ambitious young people have asked for help to reach university, navigate the journey and make connections to achieve their goals. The hardest part of First Foundation’s work is having to say ‘No’.

Together, First Foundation supporters are providing 65 Scholarships for 2022. Every single one of these will go to an incredible and deserving young person. We know because we can already see the standard and diversity of applications from across New Zealand.  

Even when we apply our priority criteria most tightly, there will be some who miss out. This will include deserving students who would be the first in their families to attend university, who come from low-income households and who have excellent academic records.

First Foundation applicants are all wrapped in families, stories, cultures and communities who will be part of their journey. We thought you’d enjoy a sneak peek at the richness we see. And, if you’d like to help make way for one more scholar, please let us know.