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Work experience opens doors for scholars

With paid work experience, our scholars grow their skills, gain a professional network and unlock opportunities.

A first step in creating a career

Young people need work experience to kick-start their careers, but not everyone has the same access to these opportunities.

Our scholars are often the first in their families to attend university and don’t have the professional networks that others use to get started.

Work experience gives our talented young people the opportunity to earn and grow. When you have few financial resources, 4-6 weeks of paid work in a relevant role is invaluable. This professional experience is vital in breaking the chain of intergenerational poverty.

Financial support

Paid work in a relevant professional setting allows scholars to support themselves and their families while studying.

Professional networking

Professional contacts that many people take for granted can unlock opportunities and options

Skills and experience

Practical experience and on-the-job skills equip our scholars to thrive in the crucial early stages of their careers.

“The work experience pillar of this scholarship is invaluable.”

“As someone who started off my first year of uni working in a fish and chip shop, I’ve gained so many skills and learned so much through Kiwibank. By the time I graduate, I’ll have had four years of experience in marketing, so it’s opened up a whole lot of career opportunities for me.”


The benefits are shared

Professional work experience is undoubtedly life-changing for our scholars. But it can also have significant benefits to your organisation.

Our scholars are highly capable young people who are carefully selected for the First Foundation programme. That means you’re getting a talented, motivated worker to join your team.
You’ll benefit from their fresh perspective while giving back to your community and helping create social change.

“It’s the change in our own people that has impressed me”

“Having these young people intern with us over the holiday breaks has provided unexpected benefits for our wider teams. While the students themselves thrive during the experience, it’s the change in our own people that has impressed me. It’s allowed them to think deeper about our business by answering the questions these young people regularly ask.”


What’s involved in work experience for our scholarship partners?

Scholarship partners provide 4-6 weeks of paid work experience each year to complement students’ ambitions and course of study.

Most of our students are available for work experience at the end of the academic year over the summer break. However, it depends on the student and their study timetable.

Virtual Internships offer flexibility

Virtual Internships have become a valuable way for students to gain skills when face-to-face work is not possible. We worked with Talent Solutions who designed with leading pedagogical principles and strong industry engagement. Over three weeks, Intern teams are guided by business Mentors who offer valuable feedback and advice. You can read more about our virtual internships here.

Find out more about supporting our programme, becoming a scholarship partner or making a difference to our scholars.