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Integricity and First Foundation grow together

What began as a straightforward supplier relationship has grown into a powerful partnership on both sides. Integricity has been First Foundation’s technology partner since 2016 before investing time and then finally moving to pro bono work to help the Foundation grow.

CEO Jek Tan talks about how good it feels to support an organisation such as First Foundation in growth.

Shared sense of community

A move into automation of some processes, such as digitising the application process, has really helped streamline operations and take the pressure off the very lean team. 

“Our view is that improvements are not a destination. It is continuous, but we make sure to apply pragmatic solutions that enable us to reach critical progress milestones. It’s exciting to look back at how far we have come”.

In First Foundation, Jek and CTO Rueben Pathmanathan have found that they are able to live one of Integricity’s core values – community is everything – and the benefits are visible throughout the company. 

“Our team understand that an organisation like ours needs to make a profit to survive, but they are inspired to be part of something bigger than profit. While the key focus is the community, Rueben and I feel that the partnership improves morale and togetherness within the team”.

Alignment of values is important to Jek Tan, CEO. He says that both he and Rueben have worked in organisations where giving back has been “a bit scattergun and not really measured, so we wanted to find the right-sized organisation that we believed we could impact and help”.

The approach that the team at Integricity takes is one of sustainability – one that marries well with First Foundation’s own ethos. Jek says, “In this approach, First Foundation provides opportunities for scholars to stand on their own feet – it’s enabling and empowering for those who participate. That’s how we approach our partnerships, with an aim for long-term sustainability”.

A bonus for Integricity is the positive feedback they get from their own clients.

“It’s great for our clients to know that as we grow, so too does our support for the Foundation. The future for us looks promising. Continued growth for us means more support for Kirk and the team. We will evolve as technology evolves, as too will our support. We’d love to get to the point where our team members become mentors”.

And Jek’s message to other businesses?

“I encourage more organisations to support First Foundation. It’s an organisation that has a very clear vision and mission. With consistency and longevity to your contribution, your team members can see their contributions continuously yield positive results and can stand proud that they are part of supporting a wonderful organisation like First Foundation”.