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2021 Annual Report for First Foundation

Our 2021 Annual Report

Producing our 2021 Annual Report has given First Foundation a rare chance to pause and reflect. It’s incredible to see what we accomplished last year as a result of your support.

We’re delighted to share this report with you and hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

It was humbling to go back through the stories and successes of our scholars during the pandemic’s second year – they’re remarkable. It was just as inspiring to review all the work and support you contributed as our part of our cherished community of partners, supporters, mentors, schools, donors, funders and whānau.

Thank you

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I’m so proud to be a part of the First Foundation whānau. The 2021 annual report, ‘Mahi that Matters’ is filled with stories of impact as they apply their ‘hand up rather than a hand out’ model to talented New Zealanders to guide them through university into their chosen careers. Have a read.

Post copy B

We are proud to support First Foundation as they unleash the potential of talented but disadvantaged New Zealanders, with life-changing education and support. Their ‘hand up rather than a hand out’ approach means that each student receives financial support as well as a mentor and work experience to guide them through university and into their chosen careers. Read their 2021 annual report and you’ll see the impact this programme is having.

Post copy C

First Foundation have just released their 2021 annual report ‘Mahi that Matters’. It’s filled with stories of impact that show their model of a ‘hand up rather than a hand out’ and what it means to talented young New Zealanders in Aotearoa. Have a read.