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First Foundation: Charity of Choice

RCSA chose First Foundation as a partner charity for its end-of-year events, and it has become a partnership well worth toasting! It’s not too late in the season to ensure your corporate generosity can genuinely transform lives. RCSA has shown us how.

RSCA leads its industry

RSCA is the peak industry body for the Recruitment Consulting and Staffing Industry in Aotearoa and Australia. Since 2020, its NZ Council has selected a local charity to support as part of its networking events. This year, the Association teamed up with First Foundation.

RCSA Chief Executive Officer Charles Cameron explains how RCSA positively shapes future workforces and communities.

“Our people are widely connected. We’re in a unique position to raise awareness and make a collective impact.”

Shared values mean a good fit

“Choosing to support First Foundation was an easy decision. Both our organisations value diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging and put people at the centre,” says Charles.

“Some of our members have had direct involvement as First Foundation mentors and could not speak more highly of the work the charity does. 

“As professional recruiters, our members are in the business of recognising potential and working hard to overcome bias and barriers to employment to connect businesses with the essential talent and skills they need to grow. 

“We believe great employment experiences and opportunities transform lives.” 

#LoveYourWork is a reason to celebrate

RCSA held networking events across the country during November. It invited First Foundation alumni to meet members and share their stories. 

“Providing a platform for your alumni to share their heartfelt and inspirational stories was a great catalyst for others to appreciate the challenges they’d overcome, as well as to connect and share their own experiences. There was a great spirit of collaboration, community and curiosity at these events,” says Charles.

“We’ve valued the conversations and the connections, learning more about the impactful mahi you do, and wow, your alumni and their stories have had our audiences captivated and inspired!”


Transformation can be seen

First Foundation CEO Kirk Sargent said attending the events was a special opportunity for alumni. He was proud to see that they were so confident and valued amongst recruitment professionals. 

“These events showcased the growth our scholarship programme supports. It was powerful evidence of the impact that First Foundation achieves. And it was also lots of fun with great people!

“We are delighted that RSCA sees us as a strategic partner in societal development. We know that our scholars don’t only benefit from the financial assistance of our programme but also holistically through mentoring and connections. The benefit is not just to the individual, but to their families, communities and employers.”

We share the benefits of diversity

A well-educated and diverse workforce strengthens our businesses and economy. There’s a lot at stake whether you’re looking for work or for workers, so it makes sense to engage with professionals who share your standards and values. 

“When recruitment and staffing services are delivered exceptionally well, RCSA Members change lives for the better,” says Charles.

If you’re looking to transform young lives or your workforce, look no further than RSCA and its members for inspiration. 

“We believe great employment experiences and opportunities transform lives.”