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“There’s no better way to enjoy life than to be of service to others”

For members of the Fabulous Ladies Giving Circle, small contributions have made a big difference.

The group of women, many initially from the University of Auckland Business School, have been pooling their small but regular payments since 2013, with their combined efforts adding up to a significant impact. Now, the group has funded a First Foundation scholarship that’s set to change the life of a bright young woman deserving of support.

“The power of one is important, but the power of many ‘ones’ can be even greater,” says Amanda Stanes, pictured below, one of the group’s founders.

“If we all chose not to do something because we thought our small contribution would be meaningless, nothing would be done. However, when you realise your gift can be added to those of others, then change isn’t just possible – it’s inevitable.”

The group, which has now grown from four founders to 10 members, includes people across various salary levels.

“Making donations isn’t just for the wealthy. We’d like to think that most working people can afford a few dollars a week. For each of us, it’s the price of a few cups of coffee, and once the payment is set up it just keeps going and you forget about it.” Partnering with First Foundation was a natural fit for the Fabulous Ladies, says founding member Deborah Levy, pictured below.

“We were looking for charities that can demonstrate impact, are sustainable, and have a mission which aligns with ours. Hearing from one of the mentors and the impact First Foundation has had on her life, let alone on the student she mentors, was very meaningful for all of us.”

Supporting young women through their education is a strong focus for the Giving Circle, and funding a First Foundation scholarship helps to achieve that goal.

“The Fab Ladies is all about empowering young women through education and helping lift them out of poverty. Lofty goals, but we have all seen the incredible power of education to enable a young woman and her whānau to lift their aspirations and general level of living,” says Deborah.

“All the members of the Fab Ladies are involved with education, either as practitioners or supporters. They have an undying belief in the power of education to change people’s lives for the best. It’s given us choices and enabled us to make better decisions. We want all women to have that opportunity.”

Your donation can help change the life of a talented student from a challenging background. Thank you for your support – every dollar makes a difference.