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Applications are now closed.

Each year we aim to offer approximately 50 places on our 4 year scholarship programme, funded by our scholarship partners. Our scholarship partners are businesses, trusts and personal funders who believe in our transformational programme (3-pillar model) and want to give a “hand up and not just a hand out” to deserving young people who want to make difference in their whanau and community.

Each of our scholarship partners have their own criteria (on top of our general criteria). If you have been successful after the First Foundation interview stage (stage 4) your application may be referred to scholarship partners to decide if you are shortlisted to interview for their scholarship/s.

Stages of applying for a First Foundation Scholarship

Stage One part A – Application Form

(Open: 6 March 2023 / Close: 20 March 2023)

    • Contact Details
    • Eligibility Check. If you meet the criteria you will automatically progress to Stage 1 Part B.

Stage One part B – Evidence Gathering

(Closes 1 May 2023)

Stage Two – School Support

If successful you’ll be invited to continue (8 May – 22 May 2023)

    • Shortlisted applicants
    • Photo
    • School reports
    • Reference from School
    • Other information about you – whakapapa, career direction, community involvement, leadership

Stage Three – Online Interview

If successful you’ll be invited to continue (29 May to 5 June 2023)

    • Shortlisted for an interview with First Foundation
    • Conduct First Foundation Interviews
    • Tentatively match applicants to potential scholarship partners (based on their specific criteria)

Stage Four – Interview with Scholarship partner/s

(June 5 – 30 September 2023)

    • Shortlist for an interview with your potential scholarship partner
    • Conduct interviews with your potential scholarship partner
    • Scholarship partner to shortlist their top candidates

Scholarship Offer

(October-November 2023)

    • Conditional offer
    • Induction to First Foundation programme for students only (Dec – Jan)
    • Orientation and Induction for students and whanau to meet their mentor (Jan – Feb)
    • Awards Ceremony (May)

Please note, time frames are subject to change.

Information Sheet

Find out more about First Foundation's scholarship programme.