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Whaanau Frying Pan

Food nurtures and connects us across cultures and places. It’s also one of life’s greatest pleasures! That’s why we decided to bring together our Mentors and Scholars to share our favourite meals.

The Delta Lockdowns have meant we’ve had to get creative in our approach, and the planned in-person events have been postponed. Instead, we’re going to serve things up differently. And just wait until you see what we’ve been cooking up! We’re gathering a team of talented young Scholars with the creative talent and flair to whip up something sensational. When it comes to design, visual storytelling and narrative, you could say they’re the pick of the bunch. They’re preparing Whānau Frying Pan in a new format. 


    • Ashlee Metcalfe. 2016 Gawith Deans Alumna. Bachelor of Communication (1st Class Honours). Growth Marketing Designer at Kiwi Wealth
    • Ashley Vaotuua. 2018 Spark Scholar and Bachelor of Arts (Pacific Studies/Communications) student. 
    • Billie Brown-Wahanui2020 University of Waikato and Share My Super Scholar. Bachelor of Communications.
    • Vaifoa Lam Sam. 2019 Dick and Diana Hubbard Foundation and Bachelor of Communication and Design student.
    • Nicola Betts. Project Co-ordinator / Community Advocate / Mentor / Certified Health Coach.
Whanau Frying Pan
Whanau Frying Pan

We know that food has the power to transcend boundaries by bringing people together. We look forward to sharing the best of our stories and cultures through Whānau Frying Pan.

    Whanau Frying Pan