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Virtual internships offer real-world experience

Work experience is a pillar of First Foundation’s programme because it makes such a difference to future success. As the pandemic continues to disrupt workplaces everywhere, Virtual Internships have offered opportunities for our Scholars to gain skills through online collaboration.
The Virtual Internship is structured towards solving a real-world problem in a remote team. Interns gain work-ready skills, contacts and chance to explore career pathways.

Spark Scholar Jess Vandermeer is one of those who stepped up to take part. She said the projects excited her from the start because they were so meaningful.

Jess Vandermeer
“Our challenge is to find a way to increase and support diversity at Spark. Another group is considering how to build awareness, education and prevention of certain women’s cancers. They’re topics we feel connected to and that will make a difference.”

Real-world learning

The interns benefited from a programme that Talent Solutions designed with leading pedagogical principles and strong industry engagement.

Over three weeks, Intern teams are guided by business Mentors who offer valuable feedback and advice.

A special thanks to Spark New Zealand and Talk Peach for supporting our scholars in this learning opportunity.
Jess explained that her team made the most of online collaboration tools to be confident and productive ‘virtually’.

“We use a few different channels to stay in touch with messaging and regular meetings. We  also assign ourselves tasks and milestones in preparation of delivering our final pitch.” 

Jess found her team naturally settled into roles and responsibilities that allowed their skills to shine. “Between us, everyone has something they’re particularly good at we all have a chance  to play to our strengths.”


Real-world outcomes

Although the teams focused on their final presentation, the benefits of the Internship will be long-reaching. Not only will these interns make a worthy addition to their CVs, they’ll also take forward new connections and something which can help differentiate them in the employment market. 

We look forward to seeing our Virtual Interns go on to create real futures for themselves.