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"The entire package is so unique. The strength and support comes from the inter-linked components of financial business partner, mentor and scholarship management team!"

Desiree Reupena, Alumni, First Foundation Class of 2004

"Such a practical scholarship. You get the mentoring, you get the financial help and now with the Alumni, you get an ongoing networking community."

Bobby Shen, Alumni, First Foundation Class of 2006

"In transitioning from high school into a professional environment, with exposure to a corporate working environment, I gained really valuable skills. The skills and confidence I gained from being in these environments have without a doubt transferred into my time in Medicine."

Aradhna Raj, Alumni, First Foundation Class of 2001

Scholarship Partner

"When you are asked to choose a student to support, you ask yourself 'how hard can this be?' And then you find out. Each time we've been humbled by the experience, meeting students who bring the word excel to life, not only academically, but also personally. We've seen students who have coped with personal challenges that would daunt some of us and face them with courage and determination. How could we say no to continued involvement?"

Patrick Baker, Director of Finance, Ford Motor Company

Funding Organisation

"The Todd Foundation has a goal to "help young people develop their potential and contribute fully in the community". We think First Foundation's innovative three-way match - between a talented young person who might not otherwise undertake tertiary study, a business who provides employment and subsidises fees and a mentor who walks alongside the young person through their tertiary study - is a great fit to this goal."

Kate Frykberg, Executive Director, The Todd Foundation


"It is good to step outside your own life and see the world through someone else's eyes. It gives you a more balanced and compassionate perspective because it makes you realise there are many people in this world who are hugely talented but life doesn't always give them an even break."

David McGrath, First Foundation Mentor

"There are laughs and joyful moments and moments when the different perspectives make you realise how your own ideas and experiences are just that - your own - and they don't necessarily apply to others. No two people's experiences will be the same and many aspects of the transition from school to uni are a small part of a much greater journey."

Burnette O'Connor, First Foundation Mentor

Partnering School

"The opportunities that First Foundation Scholarship recipients at One Tree Hill College receive are simply amazing. The holistic support offered to these students is rare in society today and really set them up for a life-time of success. One Tree Hill College's First Foundation Scholarship students are hard working, focused and committed. They are part of our college's high performance group who set the academic tone of the college. Other students see them as role models and aspire to emulate their success. We are very proud to be involved with First Foundation."

Nick Coughlan, Principal, One Tree Hill College

Principal Sponsor

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