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Core Principles

To achieve its vision the First Foundation programme is based on the three core principles outlined below.

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While access to tertiary education in New Zealand has increased substantially since the mid 1980's, significant disparities exist for students at low decile schools ("target students") in terms of:

  • participation in tertiary education in general, and degree courses / university education in particular
  • completion of tertiary courses
  • entry into the full time workforce at higher income levels following tertiary study


Target students are best encouraged to go on to tertiary education, particularly university education, by a comprehensive preparatory programme which covers matters including:

  • raising of academic aspirations
  • understanding of financial considerations
  • increasing awareness of career and academic opportunities


Target students are best able, successfully, to complete tertiary education when they:

  • are adequately academically prepared
  • possess effective goal setting and time management skills
  • have sufficient financial resources to focus on study, and
  • are aware of resources available to them for academic and personal support

Workforce entry

Target students are best able to enter into meaningful, well-paid employment following tertiary study, and go on positively to influence and benefit their communities, when they:

  • are adequately informed about work opportunities
  • have access to appropriate personal support in the transition between study and work, and
  • have seen success come as a result of their own hard work


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