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First Foundation has a strong belief in the potential of partnership and simplicity of a helping hand to make an amazing difference to someone’s impact on their community.

A First Foundation scholarship is a unique partnership between a student, their Scholarship Partner, Mentor and Partnering School, and First Foundation itself. Everyone pulls their weight.

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This partnership begins at secondary school, with the scholarships awarded at the end of Year 12 ensuring students get the support they require in their crucial final year at school to gain the qualifications needed for acceptance into tertiary study.

For the next 4 years, our Scholarship Partners provide paid, part-time work experience for their students. As part of our "hand-up, not a hand-out" philosophy, each student is expected to save a certain amount from their savings. These monies are paid into a Tertiary Trust Account, held by First Foundation. Each year, the Scholarship Partner contributes a set amount to help meet the student's tertiary fees and to fund First Foundation's support and development programmes ($4000 in year one, then $6000 in years two, three and four). Students are supported by their personal Mentors and engage in an extensive student support and development programme.  Their progress is monitored by First Foundation.

All of the partners to the Scholarship meet annually for a formal review to celebrate achievements, set new goals, and identify areas for improvement.

The First Foundation 4 year tertiary scholarship model
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A First Foundation scholarship is about a lot more than money. Financial hardship is just one barrier to tertiary education for students from low-decile schools. Lack of role models and exposure to academic and career opportunities, families who are unsure or ill-equipped  to provide support, and external pressures to leave school can all frustrate participation and achievement in tertiary education.

A First Foundation scholarship aims to break down these barriers. Support and development programmes, exposure to working environments, chances to meet and work alongside very different people of all ages, and the encouragement of a Mentor are major elements in the success of the programme.

The First Foundation experience also encourages our students to become role models for others, helping to create a "ripple effect" where the benefits of the scholarship reach far beyond the individual student themselves.

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