Alumni Roseanne shares her experience as Interim Quality Director

•  What is your current role with F&P Healthcare and what does your role entail (we know what you are doing but if you could explain this to people who will be reading this)?

Currently, I'm the Interim Quality Director for our Mexico manufacturing facility as well as overseeing the Quality Operations for our NZ and Moreno Valley Distribution Hubs. My role involves working cross-functionally across the business and internationally with our offices to achieve the manufacture & delivery of quality medical devices.  This involves leading a team based in Mexico, with Quality Engineers in NZ and Moreno Valley.

•  What inspired you to pursue a career in engineering?

Originally I stumbled into Engineering, having a knack for numbers. It wasn't until after a few years in the industry, that I came to to realise that the reason I stuck with it, was because with Engineering you solve problems.  Usually through a range a tools, but the process is the same almost every time - take a complex problem, break it down into simple equations and solve them one by one. I find this is what I do everyday. Most times its in the context of taking a broad strategic vision, defining what this means as part of a long term plan, and then empowering teams to implement that plan year by year until that vision is achieved = problem solved.

•  What is one project you have worked on that you were proud to be apart of at F&P Healthcare (only answer this question if this applies)?

Tough question, because as a medical device manufacturer, everything we do is in pursuit of improving care and outcomes for those who use and are affected by the use of our products - patients, their families, doctors, nurses, homecare providers and so on. So there isn't one single project that I could pick out, but every product we design and manufacture is made with the patient at the centre - that is something I am definitely proud of working here at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.

•  How have you benefited from being a part of the First Foundation scholarship program?

Being part of the program, gives you invaluable experience in the workplace, whilst providing financial & networking means to complete your studies and kickstart your career.  It gives you an opportunity to learn and implement skills important for the workplace to prepare you for your first professional role in the industry after graduating.

•  Do you have any tips/ or recommendations for current engineering students in the First Foundation program?

To quote John Wooden - "Long term success requires short term focus". Keep this in mind when the going gets tough. Studying engineering is merely the beginning to a worthwhile career that will only come to realisation if you focus on what needs to be achieved today, in order to enjoy the rewards later in life.

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