Alumni, Ricky Ling joins FF as a Mentor

Why did you pursue a career in pharmacy?
I pursued a career in pharmacy because it provided an opportunity for me to interact with the wider community and develop my interest in biology and chemistry. To have the inherent trust of the community and be able to provide crucial advice at dire times, makes it all worthwhile.

As a health science student, what were some of the challenges you experienced during your studies and what suggestions would you provide to others considering this degree area?
Some of the challenges included the overwhelming content they tend to put on you in classes and the little to no time given to comprehend it all. But it is a skill that was definitely learnt over time. There is definitely a need to step up your game when entering university. Don't be too intimidated by the others in your papers, everyone has their own pace.

What would be the most valuable opportunity you have gained from a First Foundation Scholarship?
The most valuable thing gained from FF was the opportunity to be in contact with so many other students who were all aiming towards the same goals or would later on in some way or another be a peer. Another opportunity was the invaluable support from your mentor and FF staff, all of whom provided constant support and were always there for us whenever we had problems or uncertainties, when going into an unknown part of our life.

Why have you decided to mentor a student this year?
I have decided to be a mentor this year because I am ready to give back to FF, for what they provided me when I was a student going through the programme. I have always been thankful for the opportunities I was given back then and I want to provide as much as I can possibly to help those achieve to their fullest potential. Also I love being a part of the First Foundation family, it will definitely stay with you wherever you are.

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