Feeding my curiosity through science and engineering

My interest in engineering started from my days as a child. When science was not only educationally stimulating at school but a way to resolve or rather at times feed my addiction, to all the different questions that would swirl around in my head. Questions such as, why do some balloons float and yet some don't? Or why can I sometimes see the moon during the day?

As I grew older and started understanding the natural and physical world around me, I found science wasn't just my cure to boredom, but in fact a way in which people used the creativity and knowledge acquired from such subjects, to create new solutions and thus better the lives of those around them. These people were called engineers and upon further discovery, I found that their impact was so big that they contributed greatly to almost everything I ever came in contact with. From the big bridges on the Auckland motorways, to even the small electric cars I had in my toy box (both of which I can't even imagine life without), everything required the help of engineers.
Even if these engineers created one thing, that one small thing still had the potential to help, impact or improve a whole nation in some way or another. I can only hope I am able to make such an impact on people with my degree in engineering.

To be able to do this however I must make sure I am able to meet the entry requirements for engineering at university next year. Which is why I am currently working towards my course requirements and gaining my excellence endorsement at level 3.

Dua Asim, Class of 2016 (Aurecon Group Scholarship)

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