Hayley's experience in the Stock Market

Working with NZX, I've learned so much and have gained many valuable skills such as:

• Exposure to the inner workings of a stock exchange
•   Furthered my computing skills. In specific, Google Sheets and Excel (common programs I have used throughout my experience at NZX)
•   Understanding how financial statements are structured 

Before I was recommended to go for the position at the stock exchange, I had no knowledge of the company. Whilst at high school, I took mostly science and math classes (never taking subjects such as economics or accounting), therefore I had no insight into the financial and investment industry.
However, now I've learned simple things such as, how buyers and sellers trade shares through the sharemarket, who these buyers and sellers are and why they are selling and buying shares. 

As I continue to complete my commerce degree at Victoria University, I increasingly become certain that I want to work within the business industry when I graduate. However, I am still not sure what specific role I would like to work in. I believe it is fine to be unsure as I have already altered my degree a few times as I try to find my passion.
Many other students at university are put in the same situation, as we are opened to new interests throughout our courses

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