Fletcher Building's recipient discusses the impact of her scholarship

Tell us about your experience with Fletcher Building.
In my first role at Gerard Roofs, I worked in the laboratory where I tested the paint colour change of the roof tiles, that were exposed to the environment and sunlight. In my next placement, I worked under the Health/Safety/Environmental Advisor. I was responsible for updating various Standard Operating Procedures, company documents and policies, and performing environmental audits. As part of my engineering requirements, I also spent a summer in the engineering department, under the Projects Engineer.
What support were you provided at Fletchers Building?
I was provided with a lot of support and opportunities, and was able to experience different parts of the company while I was there. I thought working in the HSE department was beneficial to my engineering career as these factors are becoming more important in any project undertaken. This has helped me become more safety conscious and aware of the consequences of the actions I and others take. I also had awesome supervisors who kept me busy and always learning. 
How has this scholarship and Fletchers Building impacted your life?
This scholarship has impacted my life so much. The three pillars of support First Foundation have provided me with the following opportunities:
Gerard Roofs - so many experiences and opportunities have arisen from my time at Gerard Roofs. I've learnt so much from working in the different departments and got to complete all my required engineering hours here. I have formed such great relationships with the people I worked with.
Mentor - Sarah has been an awesome mentor. I've recently contacted Sarah and have thanked her so. She's been always willing to listen, discuss and share anything. I always enjoy catching up with her and having her there has been really valuable. 
Money - I am really blessed to say that I've completed university with no student loan tailing me. This opportunity has relieved me of any financial stress. I am so grateful for Fletcher Building and First Foundation, for making studying at university all the more possible and for being so supportive along my university life.
What are you currently doing now?
I am currently working at Downer in the wastewater team based in Albany. I am mainly involved with managing asset inspections, as well as our planned flushing programme which is carried out by our subcontractor. Dee from First Foundation, helped me get into this role and I am definitely grateful to her and First Foundation for their support. It is truly a blessing to have been granted this scholarship, it's probably one of the best, if not the best, scholarships around.

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