Bernadette's Graduate Role with Transpower Ltd


As a graduate engineer with Transpower Ltd, what does your role entail?
As part of the Transpower Graduate Programme, I get to rotate around the company and work in different teams every few months. Each team contributes variously to the business, allowing me to gain a broad knowledge of what Transpower does. This introduces me to different experiences, increases my network and gives me a clear view on what sort of permenant role I would like to get into, after the two and a half year Graduate Programme. Transpower is a nationwide company, so rotations can take you up and down the country many times in a year.


What interests you about engineering?
The main outcome of Engineering is that in the end, it helps people and society. Whatever Engineers design and create, there is always a purpose to serve the community. This connected well with me and intrigued me to pursue a career in the Engineering industry. I was also intrigued because it was a male dominated industry, with a small percentage being Maori & Pacific. I wanted to challenge myself in this industry, be different and go against the status quo.


Please explain the recruitment process you experienced with Transpower Ltd? What do you think helped you secure this role?
The recruitment process starts as per normal by applying with a CV and Cover Letter. The next stage is a video interview, with five or so random questions popping up on a screen. You must record yourself live in an allocated 3 minute (approximately) window and answer each question as best as you can. This can be very awkward as you are practically talking to yourself. If you are successful, you go onto the stage, a face to face interviews with a Senior Principal Engineer, Graduate Manager and an HR Representative. Lastly you complete an online psychometric test and the job could be all yours.


What tips would you provide students wanting to apply for a graduate role?
Companies look for a person of character that alligns with their corporate values. Search for companies that have the same outlook as yourself and a place where you could be proud to be a part of and can recommend to anyone as a great workplace. Study the company vigorously and state that you would love to be a part of this company because of these things. Businesses look for commitment and loyalty, as they do not just want a vibrant Engineer who leaves as soon as he/she can. It's all about gaining experience in the company and giving back to them and more importantly the industry.

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