Hynds recipient shares how he celebrates Diwali

How are you planning to celebrate Diwali?
I will be celebrating Diwali with my family later this evening, as we usually do every year. We get together, have sweets and share conversations about the past. Also we will be lighting up some fireworks, given this is the Festival of Light.

How are you finding your first year at University?
I'm really enjoying my first year. I'm currently studying Civil and Environmental Engineering. I've always had a passion for building, designing and maths  Eventually I want to become a chartered engineer.

How was your work experience recently with your Scholarship Partner Hynds?
It was great. I loved the environment and I got to learn a lot over the 12 weeks during my break. I learned everything from the company operations through to compression testing of concrete cylinders. 

What advice would you give to first year engineering students?
Be prepared to go to lectures and do all the required work. You will need to step up and really commit to your studies, as University is very different from high school. The work load is different and you will need to plan ahead.

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