Being part of the solution

Bella Taylor hopes to encourage New Zealanders to be motivated by an understanding and respect for the land.
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Aspiring Veterinarian wanting to make a difference

Ashley Hider who was awarded a NZCT funded First Foundation Scholarship in Christchurch, talks about her goal to become a vet
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Helping the next generation

“I aspire to be a teacher for the future generations"
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Megan Wilson's aspirations

Megan Wilson was awarded a scholarship with Fletcher Building in 2015.
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Congratulations to Steven Carden

Steven Carden, Landcorp CEO was honoured at the 2017 NZ Workplace Health and Safety Awards.
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Celebrating Matariki

Sam Hughes, Class of 2008 writes what Matariki means to him
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Latayvia Tualasea Tautai - What it means to be Samoan

Culture is my everything. I am a proud New Zealand born Samoan
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Junior Lafaele - What it means to be Samoan

“O le fogava’a e tasi, One Family”. Globally, being a Samoan means belonging to a family. Not just an ordinary family with parents and siblings living under the same roof, but a family that is worldwide.
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Lafoai Luaitalo - What it means to be Samoan

"Being Samoan for me means sitting back and reflecting on the cultural identity that lies within me.
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Jason Eteru - What it means to be Samoan

It is a reminder of both my heritage and culture, the traditions and values that laid the very foundation, of the morals I act out on a day to day basis.
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