Becoming a Mentor

Being a Mentor is an opportunity to have a huge impact in a young person's life and to contribute in a positive way to developing their full potential; but it is equally about how that special relationship can reward and enrich the life of the Mentor.

Jason Eteru and Gerard Taylor BW

Why become a Mentor?

Research shows that mentors benefit from

  • a sense of achievement
  • a better understanding of young adults
  • more effective communication skills
  • improved knowledge and skills
  • greater self-confidence & enhanced self-image
  • public recognition & creation of networks with other mentors and stakeholders
  • a culturally and socially enriched life through developing a caring and positive relationship

Who can become a Mentor?

We are looking for volunteers from all walks of life;

  • that believe in the First Foundation vision
  • that are highly motivated to contribute to the development of a young person
  • that have the time and capacity to commit to a young person
  • who are tertiary qualified (preferably)
  • that live in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch, Dunedin ,Whangarei and Palmeston North.
  • that are patient, empathetic and have good listening skills,
  • that are culturally aware, non-judgmental and willing to work with young people from different ethnic/cultural backgrounds from their own.

We ask all potential mentors to complete a police vetting form, and as it is most helpful for students to have mentors with a reasonable amount of life experience, mentors are generally at least 25 years old.

More details available in Mentor Documents.


Please apply online and then email
a copy of the signed code of conduct, Police vetting consent, and copy of your driver's licence or current passport. 

Thank you

Contact deatils: 09 522 4140

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