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First Foundation brings together a diverse group of people to achieve a single objective – the building of a better future for New Zealand’s most talented, but financially disadvantaged youth.

Complex problems rarely have simple solutions, so ever since I began building First Foundation in 1998 the mechanism for achieving this objective has evolved and changed.

Rather it is a private, grass roots initiative of  individuals and organisations  all contributing to the many  different facets of the programme to the extent that they are able.

I am greatly humbled and encouraged when I consider how many people have contributed to First Foundation simply because they believe in who the scheme is helping, and how it is helping them. The Scholars are also humbled, and recognise the responsibility that comes with a First Foundation scholarship. It is my desire that the legacy that everyone involved in First Foundation has created will some day be carried on by the bright young people that the scheme has helped. I have little doubt that they will be far more effective champions of this cause than I.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the contribution of a couple of key people and organisations without whom First Foundation may have remained merely a good idea: Vikki Brannagan and Sarah O'Brien, cornerstone Trustees in the Project's early years; and Coca Cola Amatil and Fletcher Aluminium, companies with the courage and vision to pilot the scheme at it's beginning.
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