When was First Foundation founded?
When was First Foundation founded?CLOSE

In 1998, the three inaugural scholarships were awarded in Auckland. Founder's Message

Where are First Foundation offices located?
Where are First Foundation offices located?CLOSE

Level 2, The Parenting Centre, 300 Great South Road, Greenlane Auckland


Where do you award scholarships?
Where do you award scholarships?CLOSE

To date, First Foundation has awarded standard scholarships in our core areas of Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Whangarei, Dunedin and also special scholarships in Levin and Rotorua.

Who can apply for a scholarship?
Who can apply for a scholarship?CLOSE

We work with over 60 low decile schools throughout the country, each of whom are invited to nominate a select number of students for the programme based on criteria such as academic results and leadership potential. The nominated students then apply to First Foundation for the opportunity to be interviewed for a scholarship.

Our Partnering Schools

What is included in a scholarship?
What is included in a scholarship?CLOSE

A First Foundation scholarship is based on a three tier support model. Each student has a Scholarship Partner who contributes $12,000 towards tertiary fees and provides enough work experience for the stduent to meet their savings contribution of $1,200 pa for years one, two and three. First Foundation also matches each student with a personal Mentor for the duration of the scholarship and provides internal support and training for both the Student and Mentor. Each scholarship lasts for 4 years.

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What level of study is covered by a First Foundation scholarship?
What level of study is covered by a First Foundation scholarship?CLOSE

Students study at undergraduate degree level at one of the 8 universities in New Zealand.

I want to fund a First Foundation scholarship. How much does it cost?
I want to fund a First Foundation scholarship. How much does it cost?CLOSE

First Foundation scholarships are funded either by a corporate sponsor (Scholarship Partner) or privately through a Group. Each scholarship costs a tax deductible donation of $22,000 over the four year duration of the scholarship plus with Scholarship Partners there is also a work experience component to be provided. With private (Group Supporters) scholarships First Foundation organises the work experience on your behalf.

Scholarship Partners

Group Supporters

How do I become a mentor and what is required?
How do I become a mentor and what is required?CLOSE

Mentors are partnered with students for the 4 year duration of the scholarship. Our Mentors come from all walks of life but generally are required to have a tertiary level of qualification plus sufficient life experience. For that reason we request our Mentors be at least 25 years old. Mentors apply to First Foundation before undergoing a rigorous selection and training process before being matched with a student.

Becoming a Mentor

How is First Foundation funded?
How is First Foundation funded?CLOSE

Part of the $22,000 donation for each scholarship goes to First Foundation to help administer and develop the programme. The remaining 'funding gap' is funded through the extremely generous support provided by funding organisations.  

First Foundation is also truly humbled by the level of generous support our organisation receives from our Capability Partners.

Capability Partners

Principal Sponsor

Funding Organisations

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